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Men are More than Fishing, Drinking, and Sex!

So, we were going camping for the weekend with my daughter, her husband, and the grand kids. As I was packing I looked at the T shirts I had bought recently at one of the local department stores. I thought about what message they were sending, to my grand kids, if they saw me wear them at the campground.

Now, first let me say, I always look for what I call neutral wear before I buy. I do not like to advertise someone’s company or product and I do not want to show that all I am interested in is Fishing, Drinking, and Sex. However, even after picking out the tamest T Shirts at the department store I could only find one that was not about Drinking and Sex! I could not wear these shirts in front of my grand kids. The one I could wear was titled “Seas the Day” and had a nice beach scene on it.

Again, and again I kept hoping someone would come out with a shirt line that didn’t make statements about Fishing, Drinking, and Sex! There is a very limited selection out there!

I even hoped that the images could perhaps show a little intellectualism, maybe even art but to no avail!

Out of necessity was born.

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